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Measuring the Large Millimeter Telescope (LMT) primary (2018-01-05)
A White Dwarf with an Actively Disintegrating Astero... (2018-01-04)
Intergalactic Medium (2018-01-04)
A New X-Ray Selected Galaxy Cluster Sample from the ... (2017-12-26)
Hunting for powerful monsters: Supermassive black ho... (2017-12-28)
New Frontier of Exoplanetary Science: High Dispersio... (2017-12-19)
A Black Hole - White Dwarf Compact Binary Model for ... (2017-12-15)
Gamma-Ray Bursts, Neutron Star Mergers and Muti-Mess... (2017-12-13)
About PMO

1-1 1934年建成时的紫台

  The Purple Mountain Observatory (PMO) evolved from the former Institute of Astronomy, which was establ...
Recruitment Announcement for "Cha... (2018-01-12)
A systematic Chandra study of Sgr... (2018-01-09)
A Further Test of Lorentz Violati... (2018-01-09)
'Wukong' makes China world leader in dark matter detection (2017-12-01)
"Monkey King" makes China world leader in dark matter detection (2017-12-01)
Chinese satellite detects mysterious signals in search for dark matter (2017-11-30)
Research Trends
Kepler-90 System Planet Sizes (2017-12-20)
A New Twist in the Dark Matter Tale (2017-12-20)
Hubble Catches Starbursts in a Barred Spira... (2017-09-16)
Hubble Sees Newborn Stars in Arms of a Spir... (2017-09-08)
Spot the Spacecraft: Ground-based Telescope... (2017-09-06)
New Clues to Universe's Structure Revealed (2017-08-07)
Hubble Captures Massive Dead Disk Galaxy th... (2017-06-21)
Jackpot! Cosmic Magnifying-Glass Effect Cap... (2017-06-06)
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Qinhai Observation Station
The 13.7m Millimeter-Wave Radi...
Xuyi Observation Station, Purp...
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