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Faculty Position in Purple Mountain Observatory, CAS

Submission Information
Publish Date: 
Wednesday, April 10, 2024
Archive Date: 
Wednesday, April 24, 2024 
Job Summary
Job Category: 
Faculty Positions
Institution Classification/Type: 
Research Laboratory
Purple Mountain Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Street Line 1: 
No.10 Yuanhua Road. Qixia District.
Department Name: 
The Group on Molecular Clouds and Star Formation
Job Announcement Text: 
Purple Mountain Observatory (PMO) is looking for Principal Investigator of The Group on Molecular Clouds and Star Formation. 
1. The subjects of the Group on Molecular Clouds and Star Formation
1) Star Formation:
The origin of stars, along with that of galaxies and planets, is among the three origin issues of celestial bodies. Particularly, the formation of massive stars and star clusters is a key question in star formation research and belongs to the current research frontier. A study on the history of star formation in the solar neighborhood can shed light on many macroscopic aspects of star formation, such as the major modes, timescale, and efficiency of star formation, and the lifetime of molecular clouds. A survey of young stars in the Galactic plane will form a solid foundation for understanding the behaviors of star formation on the galactic scale. Above research topics belong to the first subject of the group.
2) Protoplanetary Disks and the Initial Processes of Planet Formation: 
Protoplanetary disks not only play a crucial role in the star formation processes, but are also the cradles of planets. Substructures of Protoplanetary disks and the growth of dust grains, the mass accretion, outflow, evaporation, and chemistry of Protoplanetary disks belong to the second subject of the group.
3) Chemistry of Molecular Clouds:
Molecular gas is an important component in the interstellar space. Molecular line emission provides unique information on protoplanetary disks and star formation processes. The transition of atomic hydrogen clouds to molecular hydrogen clouds, survey of molecular lines, and chemistry of molecular cloud cores belong to the third subject of the group.
2. The Development Goal of the Group
Focused on the above three subjects, steadily carry out relevant multi-wavelength observational studies and numerical simulations, actively promote the development of millimeter/sub-millimeter wavelength astronomical observing facilities, effectively organize the project of survey of young stars in the Galactic plane with the WFST telescope, and strive to develop the group into an active team at the forefront of molecular clouds and star formation research.
3、The Responsibility of the Principal Investigator
The responsibilities of the PI of the group are: 
1) Design and formulate the research plans of the group;
2) Coordinate and formulate graduate training plans and academic cooperation and exchange plans for the group; 
3) Coordinate the responsibilities of group members; 
4) Daily management work of the group related to the PI.
Based on the above responsibilities of the PI, the candidate for the PI must meet the following requirements: 
1) Have experience as a senior researcher (with a Full Professor、Research Professor or Research Scientist  title at least 5 years; Overseas talents can be relaxed to associate professors);  
2) Applicants should have a Ph.D. in physics, astronomy, or a related field. 
3) Have a strong research background in molecular cloud and star formation research; 
4) Have good organizational skills and rich management experience in scientific research activities and projects.
5) Physical condition: Good
Applications for this position must be submitted via email. 
Email address:
Email title: PI+your name
Please fill the form in attachment first. A complete application should include a CV, a list of publications, and a statement of previous and future research, The copy of ID card, The copy of certificate of degree. Materials should be submitted by April 24, 2024.
For questions, please contact:
Closing Date for Application:
Wednesday, April 24, 2024 17:00 (China Standard Time)
Current Status of Position:   Accepting Applicants
Apply to Job
Attention To:  Junmei Ma
Title:  HR
Institution/Company:  Purple Mountain Observatory, CAS.
City:  Nanjing
State/Province:  Jiangsu
Country:  China
Phone:  +86 025 83332087