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Whether you are coming to CAS for a visit, project cooperation or work, you will need to apply for a visa in a nearby Chinese embassy. As the visa policy is subject to change, please contact your host institute to determine which visa type is most suitable.

Generally speaking, three kinds of visa are applicable for expats planning to conduct exchanges or scientific cooperation or to take up employment in China.

F Visa

The F Visa is issued for visitors and non-commercial activities in China. Generally speaking, people with F Visas are not allowed to gain compensation or income or find a job in China.

To apply for an F Visa, you might need an invitation letter given by your host institute, CAS headquarters or the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs.

Foreign experts with invitation letters issued by the State Administrations for Foreign Experts are entitled to work (and be paid and transfer money out of the country) for up to 90 days. Time required to process these kinds of visas is usually longer.

There are two types of F Visas: single entry and multiple entry, with each stay being less than 90 days. Generally speaking, the validity of multiple entry F Visas will be less than one year. If you are a high-end talent who has received a National Friendship Award, you will be able to apply for an F Visa with a validity period of up to five years.

Z Visa

The Z Visa supports employment. A Z Visa allows you to get payment and income from China, enables outbound monetary transfers and helps authorize your relatives to visit China for up to 180 days.

In addition to an invitation letter issued by the host entity, applicants for a Z Visa are also required to provide materials leading to a Chinese work permit.

One thing to note: if you do not have a work permit, you are not allowed to get a Z Visa, or a residency permit. So please be sure of your purpose and how long you plan to stay before coming to China.

R Visa

High-level and urgently needed foreign talent can apply for R visa, including scientists, leading talent in science and technology, international entrepreneurs, professional talent, and talent with specific high-level skills.

To apply for a R Visa, you might need a confirmation letter for High Level Foreign Talents, and other materials required by the Chinese embassy, consulate, or institutes entrusted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in foreign countries. If necessary, you can contact the research institute to assist you with visa application materials.

There are no fees required for the application of a R visa for foreign talents and relevant visas for their families.  

Qualified applicants will be allowed to stay in China for up to 180 days at a time, with multiple entries on a visa valid from 5 to 10 years. The policies also apply to the foreign talent抯 spouse and minor children for their relevant visas.

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