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Yao'an Observation Station, PMO, CAS

Yao'an observation station is located in the West Lake Peak, Yao'an, Yunnan province, and belongs to the Purple Mountain Observatory (PMO), CAS.

Yao'an station was started to built in Aug 2008, and the first phase of Yao'an observation station was completed in June 2009.The total construction area of Yao'an station is 1803 square meters, including the complex building, four 6m diameter astronomical domes, power supply system, and water supply system. The success of the acceptance of Yao'an station marks the completion of the preliminary work of Yao'an station, which will provide important basis condition for the further development of PMO. It can be expected that Yao'an station will be one of the biggest and the best observation stations in china in future.