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Qingdao Observation Station, PMO, CAS

Located on the top of the beautiful Guanxiang Mountain in Qingdao city (Latitude:120°19', Longitude 36°04', Altitude: 75 meter), Qingdiao observation station is one of the earliest modern astronomical observation stations in China.

Qingdao observation station was originally built by Germany in 1898 and was turned over to Chinese government at 1924. Though created by foreigners, astronomy there was developed by Chinese people and has made great contribution. In 1924, the first time service system of China was founded in Qingdao station, and the study of sunspot was developed from 1925. From 1958, Qingdao station started to monitor the artificial satellites. Qingdao station is also an important astronomical educational station, and has organized several union observations of special astronomy phenomena.

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