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Exploring Deep Space with Penetrating Particle Analyzer (PAN)

Title: Exploring Deep Space with Penetrating Particle Analyzer (PAN)

Speaker: Dr. Pengwei Xie (University of Geneva)

Time: 10:00am, October 20, 2023

Location: 3-201, PMO Xianlin Campus

Abstract: The Penetrating Particle Analyzer (PAN) is a versatile instrument designed for deep space science and interplanetary missions. It is capable of precisely measuring and monitoring the flux, composition, and direction of highly penetrating particles ranging from 30?MeV/nucleon to 10 GeV/nucleon. PAN potentially finds applications in cosmic ray physics and solar physics. The detector adopts a magnetic spectrometer technique with cutting-edge detection technologies, weighs less than 10 kg, and has low power consumption. This talk elaborates on MiniPAN, the demonstrator of PAN. MiniPAN adopts two sections of permanent magnets, two Time-Of-Flight (TOF) modules read out by SiPMs to determine the incident particle direction, two Pixel detectors that can survive high rate conditions, such as those occurring during solar energetic particle events or when traveling through the radiation belts, and six high-resolution silicon strip detectors for determination of particle momentum, encapsulated in an Al frame with a total mass of less than 10 kg. Extensive beam tests and cosmic ray campaigns were carried out in the past three years to demonstrate the functionality of mini-PAN detector. The best position resolution achieved so far is 4 mm. Momentum resolution for 1 GeV electrons is around 12%.