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The Study of Imaging Calorimeter of CEPC

Title: The Study of Imaging Calorimeter of CEPC

Speaker: Professor Yunlong Zhang (University of Science and Technology of China)

Time: 14:00pm, July 12, 2021

Location: 3-302, PMO Xianlin Campus

Abstract: CEPC is the next generation of electron-positron accelerator experiment aiming at Higgs and Z-pole research. PFA calorimeter is an important choice of CEPC calorimeter scheme. In order to study the feasibility of this scheme, CEPC calorimeter group developed a prototype based on scintillator+SiPM. I will introduce the development of the calorimeter prototype. Long time cosmic ray test was carried out to evaluate the performance of the calorimeter. The results show that the response of MIPs in each unit of the calorimeter is good, and the granularity could achieve 5mm×5mm. The stability of the calorimeter will be also discussed.