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    Interpretation of the DAMPE 1.4 TeV peak according to the decaying dark matter model 10-12-2018
    Scientists discovered a promising candidate of the most distant GeV gamma-ray source 10-10-2018
    Probing f(T) gravity with gravitational time advancement 09-28-2018
    Retrieval of atmospheric mass densities in lower thermosphere below 200 km from precise orbit of re-entry object CZ-3B R/B by analytical and numerical methods 08-20-2018
    China Focus: Astronomers unravel mysterious past of asteroid Toutatis 08-08-2018
    An ALMA Survey in the UKIDSS/UDS Field: Identifying Candidate z ~ 4.5 [C II] Emitters 08-01-2018
    A machine-learning method for identifying multiwavelength counterparts of submillimeter galaxies 07-30-2018
    On the lunar node resonance of the orbital plane evolution of the Earth’s satellite orbits 06-22-2018
    Constraining the Type of Central Engine of GRBs with Swift Data 06-19-2018
    Electron-beam evaporated superconducting titanium thin films for antenna coupled transition edge sensors 06-19-2018
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