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    Interpretation of the DAMPE 1.4 TeV peak according to the decaying dark matter model 10-12-2018
    'Wukong' makes China world leader in dark matter detection 12-01-2017
    "Monkey King" makes China world leader in dark matter detection 12-01-2017
    Chinese satellite detects mysterious signals in search for dark matter 11-30-2017
    New evidence for formation of Gold and other heavy rare elements in compact binary mergers 09-26-2016
    The Ceremony for delivery of the DAMPE 03-29-2016
    China to Publish Initial Scientific Results of Dark Matter Probe in 6 Months: Scientist 12-28-2015
    Observation Report of Dark Matter Particle Explorer "Wukong",December 18, 2015 12-23-2015
    China launches world’s most sensitive dark matter hunting probe 12-23-2015
    China’s first space-based scientific satellite for dark matter search – “WuKong” 12-23-2015
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