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  • Observation Report of Dark Matter Particle Explorer "Wukong",December 18, 2015
    Author: Update time: 2015-12-23

      At 08:12 A.M. BJT ,December 17, 2015, Dark Matter Particle Explorer "Wukong", which is notable for being the first satellite of CAS space-science missions, was successfully launched at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center of northwest China, and entered its intended orbit smoothly.

      Just on the night of December 17, Center for Space Object and Debris Observation and Research , CAS, which was affiliated to the Purple Mountain Observatory,organized its observation network to observe DAMPE. 5 telescopes located in ChangChun, Honghe successfully tracked and collected data of the first arc at 17:17:09 BJT December 17. By 8:00 A.M. December 18 , a total of 12 telescopes located in Honghe, Changchun, XuyidelinghaWulumuqi station successfully tracked the satellite, and collected 9 arcs of orbital data , 6 arcs of photometric data , 14 arcs of image data . And the orbit of DAMPE has been determined using the orbital data , the main orbit parameters is: inclination of 97.3 degrees, a perigee of 491 kilometers, an apogee of 495 kilometers. By analyzing the photometric data , DAMPE's apparent magnitude is about 5.7 magnitudes.

    Image Of DAMPE by Xuyi Observatory telescope (18:52:16 BJT ,December 17th, 2015)

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