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  • Recruitment Announcement for "Chang Yu-Che Fellow of Purple Mountain Observatory ” Program
    Author: Update time: 2018-01-12

       Purple Mountain Observatory (PMO) is a national astronomy agency located in Nanjing, member of Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS), which is also well known as the “Cradle of Modern Astronomy in China”.To strengthen the recruiting and training of young talents, PMO initiates a new program, i.e. the "Chang Yu-Che Fellow of Purple Mountain Observatory ” program. Both domestic and foreign young talents who would like to dedicate themselves into Astronomy as a career are cordially welcomed and encouraged to apply for the positions of this new program.

     1. Number of recruits: the number of recruits depends on the project demand, funding sources and academic levels of applicants.

    2. Characteristic of position: Participators for this program will be treated and managed as senior post doctor.

    3. Recruitment fields:

    Ø The recruitment will be conducted around the “4 breakthroughs” fields, including

    the orbit operation and scientific research of the DAMPE satellite,

    the construction of Chinese Antarctic Observatory,

    the construction of space debris surveillance system,

    the development of payload and scientific application system  for advanced space-based solar telescope (ASO-S).

    Ø In addition, the recruitment also applies to research directions which are supportedby the  national major scientific and technological tasks or key projects, including

    high-energy astrophysics, solar physics and techniques of space detection,

    star formation in the cosmology and the terahertz technology,

    orbit dynamics and detection methods for artificial objects,

    planetary science and almanac astronomy, deep space exploration,

    observational cosmology and galaxy formation.

    4. Recruitment period: the period for each positionis two years, plus one extra yearif passed the mid-term evaluation.

    5. Treatment of position: The remuneration will be set in agreement with currently guidelines of RMB 180,000-200,000 per year(before tax), plus a free lease for an apartment with two bedrooms along the subway at urban area during whole recruitment period.

    6. How to apply: Interested applicants should send the following materials to jinlu@pmo.ac.cn, with specification of “Applicant name -  Chang Yu-Che Fellow of Purple Mountain Observatory ” in title. Required application documents include:

    ① A research proposal for postdoctoral period,

    ② Copy of PhD certificate,

    ③ Copy of ID card,

    ④ Any documents represent the applicant’s academic ability.

    7. Contact information:

       Ms. Lu Jin

       Tel: +86-025-83332087(office), +86-13913887483(cell phone)

       Email: jinlu@pmo.ac.cn

       Mail Address: Human Resources and Education Office, Room 402, Building 2, Purple Mountain Observatory, No. 8 Yuanhua Road, Qixia District, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China.

       Zip Code: 210034

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