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  • Dr. Yinghe Zhao gave his postdoctoral proposed research report
    Author: Update time: 2009-03-22

     On March 22, 2009, Dr Yinghe Zhao reported his postdoctoral proposed research to the committee and people who are interested in his work. The title of his report is "Multi-band studies on Lyman-break galaxies at z~3 in the EGS field". The committee include the following professors: Zugan Deng (Graduate School, CAS), Xiaoyang Xia (TJNU), Hong Wu (NAO), Qiusheng Gu and Junzhi Wang (NJU), Xianzhong Zheng (PMO). Prof. Yu Gao, Dr Zhao's supervisor, also attended the meeting.

     Dr. Yinghe Zhao started his postdoctoral research at PMO in July, 2008, and he has gotten financial supports from the Jiangsu Planned Projects for Postdoctoral Research Funds and from the K. C. Wong Education Foundation, Hong Kong. The committee made a deep discussion about his report, such as the deep field photometry and the reduction and analysis of the muti-band data. They also discussed the methods for studying the properties, e.g. stellar mass and extinction etc, of high redshift galaxies. At last, the committee comment that Dr Zhao has good professional knowledge and his proposed research is an excellent project. (Grudate School)

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