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    Observational Possibility of CORONAS-PHOTON Solar Mission and First Results 11-11-2009
    Forecasting of powerful solar flares by microwave emission 11-09-2009
    Diagnostics of solar active regions by microwave observations with radio telescope RATAN-600 11-09-2009
    Large Solar Flares of 28 October 2003 and 20 January 2005: Some Implications of Gamma-ray Data 11-04-2009
    Advanced Ground-based Gravitational Wave Detectors for Gravitational Wave Astronomy 11-02-2009
    Gravitational Wave Data Analysis at University of Western Australia 11-02-2009
    Experimental Techniques Developed for Gravitational Wave Detectors 11-02-2009
    Petascale Astrophysics: Mining the Sky with LSST 10-30-2009
    Measuring physical constants in time and space 10-27-2009
    Bridging Local and Global Scales: Molecular Cloud and Star Formation in the Magellanic Clouds 10-27-2009
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