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    Detection of the Circumgalactic Medium of Nearby Galaxies via Emission Lines 07-08-2019
    Stellar Rejuvenation in Galactic Center and AGNs: Analog of Planet Formation in Gravitational Wave Sources 07-03-2019
    The Origins of Young Stars in the Direction of Leading Arm of the Magellanic Stream 07-02-2019
    Optically-Controlled Tunable/Reconfigurable Terahertz Devices for Advanced Sensing, Imaging and Communications 07-01-2019
    Three Science Projects Based on MeerKAT International GHz Tiered Extragalactic Exploration (MIGHTEE) Survey 06-28-2019
    A new chapter of cosmic magnetic field measurement - GSA - the first direct measurement of submilligauss 3d magnetic field 06-25-2019
    Magnetospheric Multiscale study of Magnetic reconnection in the Earth’s magnetosphere 06-20-2019
    The black hole spin in coalescing binary black holes and high-mass X-ray binaries 06-18-2019
    Dwindle, Dwindle Little Stars --- Hunting for Substellar Objects Young and Old Rich and Poor 06-18-2019
    Radiation mechanism and multi-wavelength observation of fast radio bursts 06-12-2019
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