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  • Binary neutron star merger and equations of state of compact star



    Seminar Title  

    Binary neutron star merger and equations of state of compact star

    Speaker:   Dr ZHOU Enping


     (Beijing University )

    Thursday afternoon, July 19, 15:00 p.m



    Room 502, Astronomy Building

                             Welcome to Attend   

      ( PMO Academic Committee & Academic Circulating committee)

       Abstract: The observation of GW170817 and its electromagnetic counterparts has announced the beginning of multi-messenger astronomy era, in which great breakthrough might be made in understanding the equations of state of dense matter. This might happen in two aspects: on one hand, the deformation of a neutron star in the tidal filed of its companion will leave a detectable imprint in the gravitational wave signal in the late inspiral phase, from which we can obtain constraints on the tidal deformability of neutron stars thus on the equations of state; on the other hand, the evolution of the post-merger phase, i.e., the time delay of the collapse to a black hole and the mass of the ejecta, depends on the equations of state of the merging neutron stars, which can also be inferred by the observation of the electro-magnetic counterparts. In my talk, I will summarize the current constraints on EoSs in a binary neutron star model via the observation of GW170817, and also introduce my own studies based on the quark star models with both the tidal deformability measurement and the post-merger signals. 




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