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  • CANDELS: Galaxy Quenching Mode at Intermediate Redshift



    Seminar Title  

      CANDELS: Galaxy Quenching Mode at Intermediate Redshift

    Speaker:   Prof LIU Fengshan 


     (Shenyang Normal University)

    Thursday afternoon, May 24, 16:00 p.m



    Room 212, Astronomy Building

                             Welcome to Attend   

      ( PMO Academic Committee & Academic Circulating committee)

       Abstract: Abstract: Studying the spatial distribution of specific star formation rate (sSFR) is helpful to understand how stellar mass is build up in galaxies as they evolve along the star-forming main sequence (SFMS), and how and where the star formation shuts down as galaxies move off the SFMS to become fully quiescent. 

       In this talk, I will give a review of our recent work on the galaxy quenching mode at intermediate redshift, based on a large sample of ~4400 galaxies at 0.5<z<1 in all five CANDELS fields. We find that at low masses (M_{\ast} < 10^{10}M_{\odot}) SFGs both above and below the SFMS ridge generally have flat sSFR profiles, whereas the transition galaxies at the same masses generally have sSFRs that are more suppressed in their outskirts. In contrast, at high masses (M_{\ast} > 10^{10.5}M_{\odot}), SFGs above and below the SFMS ridge and transition galaxies generally have varying degrees of more centrally-suppressed sSFRs relative to their outskirts. These findings indicate that at z=0.5-1 the main galaxy quenching mode depends on its already formed stellar mass, exhibiting a transition from "the outside-in" to "the inside-out". Our findings support that internal processes dominate the quenching of massive galaxies, whereas external processes dominate the quenching of low-mass galaxies.


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