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  • The Curious Cases of Lyman-alpha Emitting Galaxies

    Seminar Title  

    The Curious Cases of Lyman-alpha Emitting Galaxies

    Speaker:   Prof. ZHANG Zheng


     ( University of Utah)

    When Friday afternoon, Feb. 02, 14:00 p.m.


    Room 402, No.3 building , Xianlin campus (PMO, CAS)

                             Welcome to Attend   

      ( PMO Academic Committee & Academic Circulating committee)

       Abstract: Lyman-alpha Emitting galaxies or Lyman-alpha emitters (LAEs), star-forming galaxies selected through their strong Lyman-alpha emission, are becoming an important probe of galaxy formation, cosmic reionization, and cosmology. I will present our recent and ongoing work towards understanding some properties of those galaxies based on Lyman-alpha radiative transfer modeling, which includes the role of the anisotropic gas distribution around galaxies in shaping observed properties of LAEs and the origin of the extended Lyman-alpha emission around LAEs. I will also talk about the anisotropic clustering of LAEs induced by the radiative transfer effect and the current observational status. Finally, I will discuss some puzzles in the study of LAEs.

      Zheng Zheng, Professor at the Physics and Astronomy department, University of Utah. Prof Zheng’s research field covers Cosmology, Large-scale structure, Galaxy formation and evolution, Lyman-alpha emitting galaxies etc. Prof Zheng obtained his PhD in 2004, and was award as the Hubble Fellowship and John Bahcall Fellowship. Prof Zheng is involved as core member in major galaxy surveys, such as SDSS, LSST and LAMOST. He has published more than 100 papers with more than 11,000 citations.

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