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  • A New X-Ray Selected Galaxy Cluster Sample from the ROSAT All-Sky Survey


    Seminar Title  

     A New X-Ray Selected Galaxy Cluster Sample from the ROSAT All-Sky Survey

    Speaker:   Dr XU Weiwei


    (NAOC/University of Bonn)  

    When Monday afternoon, Dec. 26, 14:30 p.m


    Room 402, Astronomy Building

                             Welcome to Attend   

      ( PMO Academic Committee & Academic Circulating committee)

       Abstract: The recently identified tension between primary CMB and cluster counts constraints on cosmological parameters, specially on σ8, encountered by the Planck collaboration have risen the question about the possible incompleteness of the cluster detected samples. In this work, we search for very extended X-ray galaxy cluster on the ROSAT All-Sky Survey (RASS) that might have been missed in previous works. We use a state of-the-art source detection and classification algorithm. To optimise the cluster detection efficiency of our algorithm, we first setup ROSAT X-ray image simulations. Then, we use the same procedure on the RASS data. We obtain a list of possible X-ray extended cluster candidates, for which we use 2MASS/SDSS observations for visual inspection. In our work, hundreds of new X-ray galaxy clusters are found, which might provide us one way to constrain cosmological parameters further. 

    Weiwei X u obtained her bachelor degree at Shandong University/Weihai in 2011, and her master degree of science at the NAOC in 2014. She's since been a PhD candidate of the NAOC, and became a visiting student at the University of Bonn with a CAS-DAAD scholarship. Her research interest focus on X-ray studies of galaxy clusters, AGN and X-ray binaries.


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