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  • Gamma-Ray Bursts, Neutron Star Mergers and Muti-Messenger Astrophysics

    Seminar Title  

    The Race to find a Second Earth

    Speaker:   Prof. Peter Mészáros


    When Wednesday afternoon , Dec. 13, 16:00 p.m


    Room 302 , No.2 building , Xianlin campus (PMO, CAS)

                             Welcome to Attend   

      ( PMO Academic Committee & Academic Circulating committee)

       Abstract: Gamma-Ray Bursts are the most energetic explosions in the Universe, and are among the most promising for detecting multiple non-electromagnetic signals, including gravitational waves, cosmic rays and  very high energy neutrinos. Recently, a sub-class of short gamma-ray bursts arising from neutron star mergers was, for the first time, observed both via gravitational waves, as well as electromagnetically, establishing multi-messenger astrophysics as a new approach to understand cosmic high energy objects. I will discuss some of the latest observational and theoretical developments in  the GRB and multi-messenger  field.

      Prof. Peter Mészáros has made significant contributions in the theory of structure formation in the early Universe; the high energy properties of magnetized neutron stars; the physics of gamma-ray bursts; ultra-high energy neutrinos and cosmic rays, and gravitational astrophysics. He is known for the “Mészáros effect” in cosmology, and for his role in the development of the fireball shock model of gamma-ray bursts and the theory of afterglows

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