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  • Astrophysical Magnetic Reconnection and Particle Acceleration in Strong Magnetic Fields

    Seminar Title  

    Astrophysical Magnetic Reconnection and Particle Acceleration in Strong Magnetic Fields

    Speaker:   Prof. Joerg Buechner


    (Georg August University of Göttingen)  

    When Tuesday morning, July 25, 10:00 a.m


    Room 517, Office Block, 2 West Beijing Road (PMO, CAS)

                             Welcome to Attend   

      ( PMO Academic Committee & Academic Circulating committee)

       Abstract: Magnetic reconnection is the main release mechanism of magnetic energy accumulated in the Universe. It is particularly efficient in "low-beta astrophysical plasmas. It converts magnetic energy into heat as well as into the acceleration of bulk plasma flows and energetic particles. In the typically hot and diluted, i.e. collisionless, astrophysical plasmas these processes are essentially kinetic, often turbulent. They have to be described by self-consistently solving Vlasov equations for all species together with Maxwell’s equations for the electromagnetic fields. These challenging problems can currently be solved better and better by using super-computers. This talk will introduce the challenges and review the progress recently made by computer simulations describing the consequences of collisionless magnetic reconnection in strong (guide-) magnetic fields for particle acceleration, of their calibration on observations of the Sun, the solar wind in its interaction with planetary magnetospheres and by laboratory experiments.

        Prof. Joerg Buechner is the Professor of Astrophysics at Georg August University of Göttingen and leader of Plasma Astrophysics Theory and Simulation group at MPI for Solar System Research,member of collegium of the German Science Foundation,PhD at Lomonossow University Moscow in 1980.

        Awards and recognition: Prof. Buechner is the Distinguished Guest Professor of the University of Nanchang and Eminent Visiting Professor of the University of Tokyo. ESA Group Achievement Award of the CLUSTER Project and NASA Group Achievement Award of the MMS Project.

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