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  • Gas Accretion and High-Mass Star Formation in Filamentary Molecular Clouds


    Seminar Title  

    Gas Accretion and High-Mass Star Formation in Filamentary Molecular Clouds

    Speaker:   Dr LU Hang



    When Tuesday morning, July 4, 10:00 a.m


    Room 619, Office Block, 2 West Beijing Road (PMO, CAS)

                             Welcome to Attend   

      ( PMO Academic Committee & Academic Circulating committee)

       Abstract: High-mass star forming clouds often exhibit filamentary structures in which dense cores of ~10 Msun are embedded. In order to form high-mass protostars, these dense cores must accrete gas from the environment. Such a picture, if proven universal, will inform the current high-mass star formation models. To obtain critical evidence of accretion onto dense cores through filaments and its relation to star formation, high angular resolution kinematic information is necessary. Here we select 8 massive filamentary clouds in a variety of evolutionary phases, and obtain VLA/SMA spectral line and continuum data. We aim to search for correlation between accretion along filaments and star formation in dense cores. We measure the accretion rates into dense cores through filaments using VLA NH3 lines, and compare with gas mass and star formation activities in each dense core based on the SMA observations. This will provide clues of dense core growth via filamentary accretion.

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