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  • Indirect Search Aspects of Right Handed Neutrinos


    Seminar Title  

    Indirect Search Aspects of Right Handed Neutrinos

    Speaker:   Dr GAO Yu


    (Wayne State Univ., USA)  

    When Monday afternoon, June 19, 15:00 p.m


    Room 517, Office Block, 2 West Beijing Road (PMO, CAS)

                             Welcome to Attend   

      ( PMO Academic Committee & Academic Circulating committee)

       Abstract: A beyond the Standard Model neutrino sector can give arise to both Dark Matter candidates and mechanisms that explains the origin of the finite neutrino masses. When the dark matter hails from the neutrino sector, its annihilation and decay can be differentiated from those of typical weakly interacting candidate, giving unique signals in high energy cosmic ray observations, like Fermi-LAT and IceCube. In this talk I will discuss two topics: (1) how the combination of direct and indirect search results can differentiate a neutrino-originated dark matter from a `conventional' WIMP dark matter in the content of a popular supersymmetric U(1)' model, (2) in light of light right-handed neutrino(s), the constraint on the associated dark matter's scattering cross-section from Solar gamma ray and neutrino measurements, which can be very competitive to direct detection results over a significant range of dark matter mass. I will also comment on the current collider bounds on the right-handed neutrino properties.

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