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Division of Dark Matter and Space Astronomy
  • Cosmology,Dark Matter and High-Energy Astrophysics
  • Gamma-Ray Bursts,Neutron Star,and Relevant Astrophysics
  • High-Energy Solar Astrophysics
  • Multi-Band Observation of Solar Activity
  • Laboratory for Dark Matter and Space Astronomy
  • Multi-channel Infrared Solar Spectrometer,PMO
  • Ganyu Observation Station
  • Radio Spectrograph, PMO
  • Cosmology,Dark Matter and High-Energy Astrophysics

    This research group consists of 9members:1 professor,1 associate professor, 2 research assistants, 2 Ph.D. students (1 is also a research assistant) and 4 M.S. students.


    Research areas:

    ASTROD (Astrodynamical Space Test of Relativity using Optical Devices): ASTROD I, ASTROD, ASTROD-GW, Super-ASTROD


    Tests of general relativity

    Gravitational-waves detection in space


    The main undertaking topics:


    Primordial gravitational waves and their detectability

    Polarization phenomena in cosmology and CMB

    Precision solar-system dynamics

    Second post-Newtonian approximation in the scalar-tensor theory of gravity, light deflection, light retardation and perihelion shift

    Mission orbit design and simulation

    Deep-space laser ranging

    Drag-free spacecraft control

    Test mass charging and disturbances

    Detection sensitivities for space gravitational-wave detector

    Empirical limit/evidence for intermediate forces

    Empirical limit/evidence for dark matter/dark energy


    For more information see: http://dmspace.pmo.ac.cn/dm/index.asp , http://hea.pmo.ac.cn:8080/

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