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International Cooperation
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  • Asian Asteroid Observation Network Workshop (Nanjing)

       Asian Asteroid Observation Network Workshop was hold at Purple Mountain Observatory on July 25-26, 2009. Scientific research personnel from Japan, Uzbekistan, Finland, National Central University of Taiwan, Yunnan Observatory, Weihai Observatory of Shandong University and our unit attended the seminar.

    At the beginning, Director Ji Yang welcome all guests to visit Purple Mountain Observatory to participate in the academic exchange seminar, and hope that it would promote the exchange and cooperation in asteroid observation and research in Asian region. Then, researcher Yuehua Ma introduced an overview of Purple Mountain Observatory and the research fields of our group. Associate researcher Haibin Zhao introduced our near-Earth object telescope and asteroid observation projects detailedly. And other participants introduced their own units in the asteroid observation and research work, and the telescope equipment situations. In addition, researcher JiangHui Ji gave us a report on subject of “Simulation for terrestrial planets formation”. Young researchers, Gang Bao, Jianchun Shi, Yan Xia, Lei Liu, et al. also briefed each current research work finally . For each report we have carried out extensive and in-depth discussions.

    We arrange a period of time to discuss the common interests, possible joint observation and cooperation projects. And also discuss the feasibility of organizing Asian Asteroid Observation Network by using our equipments and research strength, and exchange and cooperation in asteroid research fields. It was agreed that, in the future, we should continue to carry out scientific discussions of asteroid in Asia region. And contact more countries and regions to participate in the Asian Asteroid Observation Network in order to enhance the overall research strength on asteroid.


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