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  • Qinhai Observation Station

       As the largest observation station of Purple Mountain Observatory of CAS, Qinghai observation station is located in Delinha, the third largest city of Qinghai Province on the beautiful Tibetan Plateau at approximately 3200m elevation with latitude 37°22'.4N and longitude 97°33'. 6E. Founded in the earlier 1980s, it is also called Delinha observation station.

      The word Delinha is from the Mongolian language and means golden grassland where the Sun rises.

      The high elevation, dry atmosphere, and nice weather conditions make Delinha an excellent place for millimeter-wave radio observation.

      The primary facility of Qinghai observation station is the 13.7m radio telescope equipped with an indigenously developed SIS superconductor receiver working in the band of 85-115 GHz. The telescope is the only radio facility working in millimeter waveband in China and is fully open to the community. The observations of the spectral lines of CO isotopes, HCO+, SiO, CS, etc and continuum spectra with the telescope are widely used for the study of molecular cloud structure, physical and chemical environment of star formation regions, planet nebula, supernova remnant, molecular line survey, solar continuum radio spectrum and nearby galaxies.

      Nowadays, Qinghai station is upgrading the telescope by equipping it with a multi-beam receiver. The telescope will have much more powerful mapping ability when the reform is done.

    With its newly equipped facilities, the station is now carrying on a large science project --- the Milky Way Imaging Scroll Painting (MWISP) project, which is the first no-bias high sensitive large scale CO survey towards the Galactic plane.

      Apart from the 13.7m radio telescope, Qinghai station is also equipped with some optical telescopes which belong to the National Astronomical Observatory of CAS and the China West Normal University used for the observations of celestial objects in solar system and other science targets.

      For more information see: http://english.dlh.pmo.cas.cn/


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